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1hr - £65

The initial consultation will involve taking a medical history about the condition you are presenting; along with past injuries, illness's and surgeries you may have had not. The consultation will also involve physical examination which involves a health check, range of motion, neurological and orthopaedic tests. At the end of the examination a discussion will be held regarding a treatment plan.






20min - £35

Standard appointments are shorter than the initial consultation usually lasting 20 minutes. During the appointment the chiropractor will ask for feedback regarding your last treatment. The chiropractor will then progress with the treatment using the McTimoney technique which is a specific light, gentle whole body approach treating what the find. After the treatment, aftercare advice will be discussed.


40min - £50

The Re-evaluation will involve a discussion of  how the progression has been, will also involve the wellness questions you will have answered on the intake form and then comparing. Once the discussion is over a physical examination will take place like at the initial consultation again comparing. After the physical examination is completed a discussion will be had regarding future care.  

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